The theme “Global Health in the Shifting World Economy” will specifically be examining the:

  • The growing economic crisis in Europe and the impact on social welfare programs;
  • Private/public partnerships;
  • Economic growth with growing inequities in health;
  • The role of state capitalism and the infusion of development aid;
  • Existing and evolving global inequities in health and their expected and unexpected impacts on the world’s marginalized and vulnerable populations, including indigenous groups.

Plenary sessions and topic-focused symposia will be followed by workshops, special sessions, and oral and poster sessions to help facilitate knowledge dissemination in areas of global shifts in the economy and global health equity in local, national, and global contexts.

The Objectives of the 2012 CCGH are to:

• Examine inequities in health status and the impact of shifting world economies on the health of marginalized and vulnerable, including indigenous groups;

• Provide global researchers and research-users a forum for meaningful interaction and knowledge exchange on evidence-based practice, programming and policy-development that promotes and maintains global health;

• Explore the social determinants of health, e.g. economic status, food security, shelter, safety, education, income, poverty, employment and access to care and the relation to health status;

• Offer a forum for reexamining both successes and failures of practice, policies and research; and

• Discuss with practitioners, community members, policy makers, NGOs and researchers new visions and methods of working with vulnerable populations to achieve overall improvements in social determinants of health, in the face of the challenges of shifting world economies.