The goals of the Canadian Conference on Global Health

How healthy are you doesn’t just depend on your hygiene but also on whether you have healthy people around you.

Good health is required for any positive change in the society. Unless the people are able to live healthily, they won’t be able to do anything or contribute towards betterment. Healthcare has gone through massive transformations and we have reached a place where we have the resources and technology for delivering effective care to every individual of the earth- but that doesn’t happen in the reality!

We are still plagued by health issues in spite of the technological and scientific advancement. We find key health issues even in high-income countries where such a situation is unimaginable. Such issues affect the people of every country, more so in the poor ones. There are still health gaps that exist in knowledge, infrastructure, delivery or other aspects of healthcare that need to be addressed.

The top goals: what the conference aims to achieve

The Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH) plays a key role in encountering the global health challenges by making collaborations with international and national partners. The conference chooses an area of global health under pressure and tries to understand the different factors that drive them. In doing so the stakeholders can develop comprehend the underlying causes and nuances of global health issues. Once the nuances are understood, the partners can work towards developing a solution and implementing them.

A look at the past issues

Various issues of global health have been discussed and explored in the CCGH for the past 23 years. The goal for CCGH 2015 was “Capacity-building for global health,” while for 2014 it was “Partnerships for global health.” The goals are developed in the line of a theme each year which is chosen according to the trends in global health issues. Overall, the CCGH has the following goals-

  • Create a platform for healthcare stakeholders to facilitate knowledge sharing
  • Exploring issues of global health that need urgent prioritizing
  • Expanding understanding and information on a chosen theme
  • Educate the participants about key health issues and what can be done to rectify them
  • Implement solutions through partnerships
  • Build national and international health care collaboration

The CCGH aims to create a better world where everybody can live healthily. It drives to spread equality in accessing healthcare in every nation, especially the developing ones. The goals also include spreading education and improving higher education in developing countries so that they can come up with their own talent for research and development.

The future goals

The CCGH has the aim to mobilize the global health community so that the challenges can be tackled. They need to work with a host of partners who help them achieve the desired goals. It follows on the line of its parent body the Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) while drawing up its goal of creating an effective global health community that ultimately results in a healthy one with everybody having a good health.