The theme of Global Health Conference 2018

More than 30 countries take part each year in the Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH 2018). The conference is attended by hundreds of people consisting of educators, researchers, students, community mobilizers and policy makers to share and discuss ways to tackle global health challenges.

The conference of this year is going to be held in November in Toronto and each year there is a theme that is dealt with. The theme for the current year is: “Fragile Environments and Global Health: Examining drivers of change”.

The theme this year will deal with how health can be enhanced in fragile areas where a major part of the global community still resides. CCGH is now inviting abstracts on the subject as the topic has raised international interest in recent times.

1.6 billion people or 22% of the world population live in fragile environments. Fragility is considered based on five factors viz. economic, environmental, political, societal and security. The people living in fragile environments have a failing health system and plagued by a variety of health and social problems.

Such fragile environments give rise to emergencies such as Ebola and other public health problems such as HIV/AIDS, cholera, polio and tuberculosis are also persistent. People do not have access to even the basic form in healthcare in many such regions which make matters worse. More cases of chronic and infectious diseases are also reported from such regions.

Such areas also encounter high rates of infant mortality, maternal mortality, and malnutrition. Social problems such as crimes, corruption, poverty, terrorism, human trafficking, drugs, genocide, food security are also prevalent in the fragile areas.

The scale of the problem has been recognized on the international scale and there are many gaps that exist in understanding the health factors in such fragile environments. There is not enough empirical evidence, shortage of accurate population data, an inefficient collaboration between health and related sectors, absence of policies which makes the population vulnerable.

The other things about CCGH 2018 that you need to know

The CCGH 2018 will take the effort to comprehend the drivers, experiences, and practices of such regions. It will enable the health community to address the gaps and work out ways to encounter the problems in the fragile zones. As a part of the main theme, there will be other sub-themes which will also be discussed during the conference this year such as-

  • Enhancement of child and women rights and health
  • The nuances of politics involved in global health
  • The collaboration of health sectors
  • Facilitating health and humanitarian development processes

The list is not inclusive and many subthemes will come under the main topic of Global Health agenda to be discussed in CCGH 2018. Interested persons can send their abstracts on the topics such as oral, workshops, posters and so on.

It’s one event that will ask the hard questions and one that can take the health problems of the world out to the open.